1931-32: William Alfred Tookey

1931-32: William Alfred Tookey

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Biography 1954 Obituary:
Tookey was a consulting engineer, and a specialist on power plants, gas producers, and internal combustion engines. He was also an expert witness in arbitration and litigation, and the author of several books including the Gas Engine Manual.

Part of his technical education was gained at the Birkbeck Institute, and afterwards he received his practical training in the works of A. H. Bateman and Company, Ltd., Greenwich, and later with Appleby Brothers, Ltd., Greenwich.

He was in the service of Tangyes, Ltd., Birmingham and London, from 1890 until 1905, and in the latter year commenced in practice as a consulting engineer, his chief works including tests on a large number of engines supplied by public gas mains throughout the London area.

He was the originator of a method for comparing the output of power from internal combustion engines with the relative richness of a charge, called the `Tookey Factor'.

Mr. Tookey, who was elected a Member of the Institution in 1912, was born in 1871, and was a Past-President of both the Institution of Automobile Engineers and of the Junior Institution of Engineers, and sometime Member of Council of the Institute of Fuel. He had also read papers before this Institution, the British Association for the Advancement of Science and the Society of Chemical Industry.

His death took place on 9th February, 1954.