1903-1904: Joseph Hartley Wicksteed

1903-1904: Joseph Hartley Wicksteed


Joseph Hartley Wicksteed (1842-1919)

27th President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Wicksteed was born on 12 September 1842 in Leeds, England. He was educated at Ruthyn Grammar School, then apprenticed to the machine-tool making business of Joshua Buckton and Co., Well House Foundry, Leeds. He became, in time, the chief designer, was later taken into partnership, and, on the retirement of Joshua Buckton, became the head of the firm.

He was the inventor of many mechanical appliances, including the vertical single-lever testing machine and the horizontal universal testing machine. He was also directly identified with inventions such as multiple drills, two-spindle radial drills, double cutting tool-holders for planning and slotting machines and hydraulic plate shears.

He was President in 1903-1904. He died in 1919.

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