Council Minutes 1984

Minutes signed by President; Standing Committee minutes signed by Institution Secretary.

Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers  discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Board/Committee minutes: Committee of Branch Chairmen, including 'Branch New Releases-Guidelines' (79-86; 214-215); Council Awards Committee, with several memoranda (19-20; 109-110; 154-155; 207-211); Council Steering Group on Institution Policy, with terms of reference (142-145).  Executive Board (17-18; 40-41; 77-78; 111-113; 140-141; 173-175; 231-232);  Finance Board (37; 47; 120-121; 201-202; 216-217); IMechE/ The Institution of Technician Engineers in Mechanical Engineering (ITEME) Liaison Committee (149-151);  Mechanical Engineering Publications Limited  (33-36; 87-88; 146-148; 212-213); Overseas Affairs Committee (21-27; 42-46; 103-108; 178-184; 243-246);  Professional Affairs Board (38-39; 93-94; 176-177; 249-250); Qualifications Board, also Special Meeting with Educational Review Panel  and  Education and Training Committee (28-30; 31-32; 48-55; 114-119; 203-206; 247-248); Technical Policy Board (89-92; 156-158; 233-237); and  Young Members' Liaison Committee (95-102).  

Items of note include (by meeting date):  

25 Jan. The Advisory Council of Applied Research and Development (ACARD) report on 'New Opportunities in Manufacturing'. Presidential visits. New Year Honours. IMechE/ITEME Liaison Committee. Institution Salary Surveys. Engineering Sciences Division, with list of 1983 seminars. Process Industries Division report.

28 Mar. Presidential visits. Harmonisation of salary survey by Four Presidents. Memorandum on history of Railway Engineer and Automotive Engineer Journal. Presidential Insignia, paper for discussion.  Automobile Division report. Qualifications, Education and Training Division. Benevolent Fund report. Engineering Management Division memorandum on a Diploma in Engineering Management.

25 Apr. Presidential visits. Revised structure of relationship between Directors of Mechanical Engineering Publications Limited . Proposed Institution Research Fellowship, Video Communications Development. Pressure Vessels Quality Assurance Board report, Consultative Committee statements. Editorial Policy Board terms of reference. Aerospace Industries Division. Technical Policy Board terms of reference. Women into Science and Engineering (WISE) memorandum, statistics. Engineering Management Division report, members list. Railway Division report. Address by President of Institution of Production Engineers, Alexander Randolph Houseman (1920- ) to the Council of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

23 May. Presidential visits. List of 1984 Council members. Memorandum on, Employment services for IMechE members, letter from P-E Consulting Group Ltd on proposed [not in Professional Affairs Board minutes]. Regional Conference summary report. Regional Working Party terms of reference. Draft agreement of co-operation with Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers of Hungary (GTE). Aide-Memoire of Meeting with Director of the Royal Jubilee Trusts. Power Industries Division report. Engineering Manufacturing Industries Division report.

25 Jul. Summary reports from conferences etc. Birthday Honours list. List of members of Boards/Standing Committees. Aerospace Industries Division report.

24 Oct. Exhibition in Hinton Room. Presidential visits. Engineering Regional Organisation Conference, York. Plans for revised agreement with Mechanical Engineering Publications Limited . Draft agreement of co-operation with three European bodies. Special Meeting with Production Engineers, with transcript.


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