Council Minutes 1983

Minutes signed by President, appended Standing Committee minutes signed by Secretary.

Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Board/Committee minutes: Committee of Branch Chairmen, with memo on relations with  Department of Industry (32-35; 74-77; 105-108; 168-172); Council Awards Committee (25; 72-73); Executive Board (16-17; 36-37; 59-60; 78-79; 99-100; 130-131; 154-156; 193-197); Finance Board (30-31; 83-84; 166-167; 202-203); Mechanical Engineering Publications Limited (26-27; 109-111);  Overseas Affairs Committee (134-140; 173-176);  Professional Affairs Board  ( 28-29; 65-66; 132-133; 177-178)  Qualifications Board, with reports on overseas visits and discussion between President and the Board (23-24; 38-43; 80-82; 162-165); Technical Policy Board (18-22; 61-64; 101-104; 198-201); and Young Members' Liaison Committee (67-71; 157-161).

Items of note include (by meeting date):  

26 Jan. Presidential visits. Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) Board meeting summary report. Management Effectiveness Committee set-up. New Year Honours. Eligibility for Diploma in Engineering Management. Joint Working Group with the Institution of Technical Engineers in Mechanical Engineering. Overseas Affairs Committee proposed terms of reference. Alliance of Manufacturing and Management Organisations (AMMO): summary of work, proposed Institution involvement. Memorandum on Systems Engineering and CAD/CAM. Process Industries Division. Engineering Sciences Division report.

23 Mar. Presidential visits. Report from the Benevolent Fund. 'IMechE Members and the Engineering Council Register ' i.e. changes to practice and By-laws. Degree course entry requirements. Automobile Division report. Qualifications, Education and Training Division report.

27 Apr. Presentation of membership certificates. Presidential visits. Memoranda for Technical Board [not in their minutes], Draft proposal for Aerospace Industries Division within Institution. Technology and Industry: a Policy for the Future. Letter from J.C. Levy requesting nominations to Executive Group [Professional Institutions]. Railway Division report. Engineering Management Division report.

25 May. List of 1983 Council. Parliamentary Advisers [memorandum from PAB not in their minutes]. Memoranda on professional titles for engineers. Proposed mandatory interview for Corporate Membership, with estimated costs. Co-operation agreement with Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers. Council discussion paper, Corporate Membership. Power Industries Division report.  Manufacturing Industries Division report.

27 Jul: Presidents' visits. Birthday Honours list. Difficulties with new Engineering Council By-laws. Tribute to Lord Christopher Hinton. John F. Alcock Memorial Prize founded by Railway Industry Association. Setting up of Aerospace Industries Division. Subscriptions increase. Proposed Joint Professional Development Committee with Institute of Production Engineers. Professional Affairs Board. Members list of Boards/Standing Committees.

26 Oct. Presidential visits. Members Subscription Rates and Engineering Council Registration Fee. Institution of Mechanical Engineers Current Policy Statement. The Institution of Technician Engineers in Mechanical Engineering (ITEME)/IMechE Liaison Committee report. Terms of reference and constitution of Committee of Branch Chairmen. Several assorted memoranda on Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) and co-operation between engineering institutions.See appendix, The Advisory Council of Applied Research and Development (ACARD) report on 'New Opportunities in Manufacturing'.


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