Council Minutes 1979

Council minutes signed by President, with appended minutes of Standing Committees signed by the Institution Secretary.

Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers  discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Board/Committee minutes: Committee of Branch Chairmen (31-34; 104-109); Executive Board (17-18; 29-30; 45; 61-62; 81; 102-103; 133-134; 164-165; 190-191); Finance Board (23-24; 43-44; 92-93; 169-170); Graduates' Liaison Committee, including appendices from local Branches (65-74; 135-141; 197-219); James Clayton Bequest and Research Committee (63-64; 166-168); Mechanical Engineering Publications Limited Board (19-22; 49-51; 110-112; 171-178); Professional Affairs Board  ( 25-26; 77-80; 115-116; 192-196);  Qualifications Board (35-42; 82-91); and  Technical Board (27-28; 40-42; 75-76; 113-114; 142-146; 179-181).

Items of note include (by meeting date):  

24 Jan. Presidential visits. New Year Honours List. Verbatim report of Address to Council by Sir James Hamilton (1923-2012 , Permanent Secretary for Department of Education and Science).

28 Mar. Presidential visits. 'Industrial Innovation' meeting scheduled. Proposed exhibition in entrance hall. 1978  annual report presented.

25 Apr. Presidential visits. Liaison with Canada formalised. Results of voting in Council elections. New Chairmen of Boards and Committees. List of 1979 Council.

23 May. Presidential visits. Members of Boards and Standing Committees for 1979. List of selected provisional Institution meetings, Apr 1979-Mar 1980. Report on, Future Technical Structure of the Institution.

25 Jul. Report on, Future Technical Structure of the Institution. Birthday Honours list. Amendments to By-laws  and subscriptions.

24 Oct. Presidential visits. Pamphlet issued by Professional Affairs Board on Institution policy between professional engineers  and trade unions.


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