Council Minutes 1978

Council minutes signed by President, with appended minutes of Standing Committees and Boards signed by the Institution Secretary.

Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged. [Signed minutes for 26 Jul 1978 have been placed after those for Oct.]

Board/Committee minutes: Committee of Branch Chairmen (17-19; 39-40; 79-82); Executive Board (8-9; 20-24; 50; 77-78; 102; 122; 142-143); Finance Board (67-68; 155); Graduates' Liaison Committee ( 44-49; 103-108; 123-130); James Clayton Bequest and Research Committee (42-43; 144-145); Mechanical Engineering Publications Limited Board (28-29; 83-87; 150-151); Professional Affairs Board  ( 10-13; 41; 156-157); Qualifications Board (51-58; 146-149); and Technical Board (14-16; 25-27; 59-66; 109-114; 152-154).

Items of note include (by meeting date):     

25 Jan. Presidential visits. Meeting at St Georges House on, 'Engineering-its contribution to turning the tide of Britain's fortunes'. Recipients of New Year Honours. Council election nominations.

22 Mar. Presidential visits. Council of Engineering Institutions Board (CEI) summary report.

26 Apr. Presidential visits. Results of voting in Council elections. New Chairmen of Standing Boards and Committees. List of 1978 Council. Council of Engineering Institutions Executive Committee report (CEI).

24 May. Nomination of new President. Discussions on moving Institution activities closer to the needs of industry. President's ' Review of the implementation of recent Council decisions. Verbatim report of Address to Council by Sir Peter Carey (Permanent Secretary, Department of Industry.

25 Oct.  Presidential visits. Launch of Institution of Technical Engineers in Mechanical Engineering (ITEME). Working Group set-up to consider the training of graduates in industry. Reports on visit to EEC Countries by D. Downs.

26 Jul. Birthday Honours list. Overseas Membership Policy paper by Dr M'Ewen.


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