Council Minutes 1931-1935

Signed by successive Presidents. Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Items of note include (by meeting date):  

23 Jan-11 Dec 1931. Proposed joint award in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Proposed Association of Scientific and Technical Institutions (ASTI). Changes to Institution By-laws modified by the Institution of Civil Engineers Chairman and Secretary of Finance Committee authorised to sell debentures.

29 Jan-16 Dec 1932. Chart giving authorised expenditure for each Local Branch. Graduate Prize to be awarded by Local Branches. Finance Committee list of institutions to be loaned rooms next session. Committee on Unemployment of Engineers recommendations.     

27 Jan 1933-15 Dec 1933. Formation of specialised groups to be instigated at the request of 25 or more members. New Standing Orders relating to membership. Possible creation of a European Federation of Engineers. New syllabus of Associate Membership Examination. War Office request for assistance in examining possible Artificers. Formation of Inventions Advisory Committee. Representatives for Aerodromes Advisory Board. Tenders for alterations to Meeting Hall and library. Committee on Work of the British Standards Institution formed. Progress of Scheme for National Certificates and Diplomas in Mechanical Engineering, with letter from Board of Education and graph showing increased number of candidates.

26 Jan-14 Dec 1934. Committee on Water Supplies formed. Possible lease of rooms by Royal Aeronautical Society. Standard letters for readers of papers proposed for publication. General Rules for Examinations. Specialised Group on Internal Combustion Engines formed. Memorandum on the Education Policy of the Institution. First recorded yearly 'programme of papers'. 

25 Jan-13 Dec 1935. Renewed lease of rooms to Office of Works. Proposals for celebrating the King's Silver Jubilee. Joint committee with British Standards Institution to formulate policy. Proposal on co-operation between Technical Societies: committee formed. Programme of meetings 1935-1936. Possible loan of drawings for James Watt Memorial exhibition at South Kensington [Victoria and Albert Museum]. New papers on Aeronautics added to examination syllabus


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