Council Minutes 1926-1930

Signed by successive Presidents. Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Items of note include (by meeting date):      

22 Jan-10 Dec 1926. Summary of membership levels and accounts in Local Branches. Joint engineering societies' delegation to First Lord of Admiralty on status of Engineer Officers in Navy. Proposed grant to British Engineering Standards Association. Christopher Hinton (1901-1983) awarded Senior Scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge. Staff superannuation scheme proposed. Plaque in honour of George Stephenson presented. Joint meeting with Chemical Engineering Group. 'Memorandum on Kindred Institutions' summarised.

21 Jan-16 Dec 1927. Professors propose that Institution co-ordinate University Research into Mechanical Engineering. Letter to British Engineering Standards Association on Standing Committee on standardisation. Ordinary National Certificate to be accepted in lieu of Institution examinations.  Opposition of nine Engineering Institutions to Engineers Registration Bill. Extension to library opening hours. Draft proposals for Herbert Akroyd Stuart Trust Deed. Committee on Affiliation report and suggestions on affiliation of other societies to the Institution. Copy of Rules for Submission of Theses. Copy of Report of Sub-Committee of the Inter-Secretarial Committee on the Relation between National Certificates and the Institution's Examinations.  

20 Jan-14 Dec 1928.  Harold Robinson appointed as new Treasurer. Air Ministry training to be equivalent of workshop apprenticeships.

18 Jan-13 Dec 1929.  President's Chair presented by John Aspinall (1851-1937). Draft resolution on Charter. Memorial Tablet to George Stephenson unveiled in his birthplace in Newcastle. Opposition to British Engineering Standards Association proposal to initiate standardisation procedures independently of outside organisations.

24 Jan-12 Dec 1930. Joint engineering societies resolution on standardisation. Proposed Research Committee on Welding. Conditions of Mechanical Engineering Diploma awarded to Officers of Royal Air Force. Legal claim for exemption from Income Tax. Full list of appointed representatives to conferences or other bodies. World Engineering Congress in Japan, leads to proposed central body to appoint British Engineering delegations.


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