Council Minutes 1921-1925

Signed by successive Presidents. Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Items of note include (by page range/meeting date):     

21 Jan-15 Dec 1921. Large-scale models of Minotaur and Northumberland presented to the Institution by John Penn. Institution examinations to be held in provinces. Articles of Association about Associate Members on Council. Design for Institution bookplate. Termination of tenancy of HM Office of Works. Government grants towards research. Membership grades for graduates revised. Candidates submit theses in lieu of examination. Institution Prize for best Indian Paper suggested.  Two University diplomas declined as Exempting examinations. Recommendations on local Graduates' Sections. Proposed formation of the Association of British Engineering Societies. Proposed 75th anniversary celebrations. Committee on Expenses of Branches formed. Office of Works may lease top floors again. Possible reciprocal representation on respective Councils by American and British Institutions.

20 Jan-15 Dec 1922. Notes death and sending of condolences to widow of Edward Hopkinson (1859-1922). Discussions on criteria for papers, recommendation to hear some at Branch level. Record of Awards given, of note Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal and Premium and the Whitworth Prize. Discussions on Summer Meeting (to coincide with International Scientific Congress and Exhibition, Liege). Proposals for alterations to By-laws. Discussions relating to the Institution in India. Conference at the Institution of Civil Engineers, 25 Jan, when a proposal to form a Joint Engineering Council was provisionally accepted: reported developments at later meetings. Possibility of holding exams in the regions. Nomination for Deputation to the Minister of Health, 20 Mar, organised by the Coal Smoke Abatement Society. Royal Honours. Reports on loans of ships to the Meeting of the Marine Oil-Engine Trials Committee, held in conjunction with the Institution of Naval Architects. List of Branch meetings. Report on funds for research from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Policy on Research, terms noted.

19 Jan-14 Dec 1923.  Examinations Committee recommend that examinations be self-supporting. Approval for registration of Association of Engineers-in-Charge. Institution's church to be Christ Church, Westminster. Members awarded grants include Christopher Hinton. Chart showing correspondence between Institution examinations and those of Universities, further discussion. Changes of practice in Patent Office. Examination timetable. Possible representative on committee of World Power Federation meetings of American Society of Mechanical Engineers attended.

25 Jan-19 Dec 1924. Rules for Studentship and Associate Membership Examinations and Submission of Theses [May, but bound at front of year]. Institution to petition for Royal Charter. Home of James Watt (1739-1819) to be preserved; Committee formed. Thomas Lowe Gray Fund instituted from bequest.

23 Jan-11 Dec 1925.  George Stephenson Fellowship Committee formed and establish Fund.  Register of London members to compile for Government in case of emergency. Summary chart of research carried out at National Physical Laboratory. President to chair Committee on Indian State Railways.


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