Council Minutes 1916-1920

Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Also contains: some cases draft versions of minutes of Council or other committees, Committee on Resignations of Membership and Subscriptions in Arrears (for submission 17 Mar 1916), Council (for submission 22 Sep 1916), Hardness Tests Research Committee, Alloys Research Committee (Sep-Oct 1916),  Council (18 May 1917), Committee regarding Titles in List of Members (13 Nov 1916), Wire Ropes Research Committee (7 Dec 1917, 13 Nov 1919) and Cutting Tools Research Committee (26 Jun 1919).

Items of note include (by meeting date):     

19 Jan-12 Dec 1917. Robert Hadfield Prize Committee recommendations. Question of titles in List of Members. Conditions of Bernard Hall Prize. Alternative viva test for prospective members. Council resolutions on Institution funds. Proposed Association for engineers abroad. Possible involvement of engineers in government work.

18 Jan-13 Dec 1918. Engineers abroad. Engineers' employment in government work. Summary report, Patents and Design Bill Committee. Draft professional certificate. Woman member rejected [Verena Holmes, who was accepted as an Associate Member, 1924].

24 Jan-19 Dec 1919. Office of Works retain Institution House. Replies to President's memorandum. James Watt Centenary Committee recommendations. Proposed Indian Society of Engineers. War memorial service for members. Research links with Americans.  Recommendations from Committee regarding Council Constitution and Procedure. HM Office of Works retain part of Institution House. Recommendations on University Exempting Examinations as an alternative to Institution examinations.  Steam-Nozzle Research Committee recommend joint sponsorship of research with other bodies. Salaries Committee  review. Opposition to Institution of Civil Engineers bill on central control of examinations. Change to By-laws on qualifications for Institution membership. Draft proposal and engagement form.

9 Jan-17 Dec 1920. Special Meeting considers report on Local Branches. Meeting proposed with Civil Engineers (Registration) Bill Committee. Resignation of Edgar Worthington (1856-1934) as Secretary, temporary replacement. Refusal to treat membership proposals as confidential. Bar on women members lifted. Committee regard including Titles in List of Members. Administration of Institution research grants suggested by Government Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Attendance at meetings by apprentices agreed. Draft recommendations by Committee regarding Local Branches, Subscriptions, etc. Memorial Tablet for Institution House. Training of engineers in armed forces, possible exemption from Associate Membership Examination. Magnus  Mowat  (1875-1953) appointed as Secretary. Informal Meetings Sub-Committee recommendations. Written remarks from Council Members on nomination procedures. Possible submission of thesis replacing examination for certain candidates. Member accused of bigamy to appear before Council. Watt Memorial Hall purchased.  Confidential enquiries to member's referees. Member accused of cheating. By-laws on Local Branches


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