Council Minutes 1911-1915

Signed by successive Presidents. Meetings at the Institution. Includes discussion related to First World War [WWI]: on the status of members from opponent nations; relating to the leasing/requisitioning of rooms by the Office of Works; and a proposed Infantry Battalion in conjunction with other engineering groups. Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers  discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged. With reports from the Calcutta section and reports from home committees: General Purposes, Publications and Library reporting become standard.

Items of note include (by meeting date):     

20 Jan-15 Dec 1911. Committee for lectures on Carbon and Iron. New-Building Committee recommendations. Committee to consider Associate Member status. Request for benevolent fund. Council meeting proposing Special General Meeting on issue of debentures, for 4 July. Borrowing for building purposes. Debentures to raise money. Council Standing Orders revised following meeting [14 Jul] with apprentices. Graduates invited to University engineering sessions. Redemption of railway stocks. Possible publication of Mechanical Engineering abstracts. Suggested examination for transfer to associate membership.

19 Jan-20 Dec 1912. Legal agreements over building matters. Further suggestions on new building. Full lists of all Committee members. Co-operation with America n engineers in research declined. Proposal to include businessmen amongst associates, rejected. Recommendations on examinations. Provisions for provincial members. Copy of library rules. Secretary's views on proposed establishment of Association of Consulting Engineers.

17 Jan-19 Dec 1913. Refusal to accept nomination by post. Tribute to William H. White (1845-1913). List of proposed examiners, with topics. Further problems raising building finance. Thomas Hawksley lecture. Joint welcome to American engineers with Institution of Civil Engineers. Staff pension fund proposed. First examinations held at Institution, results given. Possible restriction of Presidential office to one year. Additional funds for Thomas Hawksley lectures.

16 Jan-18 Dec 1914. Summary reports from Research Committees. Completion of card catalogue for library. Proposal to issue Journal to all members. Country members to be notified of London lectures, local correspondents appointed as co-ordinators. Presentation of 1846 model of oscillating jet by Charles Hawksley. Portrait of William H. Maw (1838-1924) commissioned. Teaching of engineering in evening schools. Professional Conduct Committee views on members advertising. Proposed Infantry Battalion in conjunction with other engineering groups. Rooms leased to HM Office of Works. Members on active service in arrears.

291-357: 22 Jan-17 Dec 1915. Lease for Office of Works, Special Council Meeting to discuss leasing further space. Price of publications. Possible erasure from Roll of 'enemy members' in Germany etc.  Requisitioning of further rooms by Lord Moulton (Office of Works) accepted at Special Meeting, agreements of terms. Institution members to place themselves at disposal of War Office. Other examination sites proposed. Possible co-operation with Board of Education in research. Conditions of award for Brian Donkin fund.


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