Council Minutes 1905-1910

Minutes of Secretary signed by Presidents. Meetings held at Institution. Includes discussions on the redevelopment of IMechE buildings around the 1 Birdcage Walk site, including a possible new building opposite 5 Princes Street, with possible connector between the two and discussions regarding rent for Storey's Gate Tavern (site of 1 Birdcage Walk extension). Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Items of note include (by meeting date):

20 Jan-15 Dec 1905. Liege exhibition correspondence, Liege visit. Engineering Standards Committee proposed transfer of control to Institution of Civil Engineers. Changes on procedure for membership proposal forms. William White agrees to become Patron of proposed exhibition of Engineering and Machinery.

19 Jan-14 Dec 1906. Appointment of Election of Members' Committee, recommendations. Report on training of engineers to be presented. Request from Board of Trade for comment on Merchant Shipping Act. Summary of By-law Committee report on membership, regulation proposals with draft forms and additional Council Standing Orders.

18 Jan-20 Dec 1907. Possibility of acquiring another property. Objections to qualified but inexperienced engineers as members. Letter of recommendation for foreign visitors, card for Institution members travelling abroad. Extended maximum age of Graduate Members. New Willans medal designed. Charles Hawksley funds scholarship in honour of Thomas Hawksley. General Purposes Committee may take over routine membership matters from Council. Establishment of Starley Premium Fund in honour of J.K.Starley, with regulations.

17 Jan-18 Dec 1908. First award of Willans medal, format and cost. Legacy from Bryan Donkin (1835-1902), recommendations from Fund Committee. Formation of local sections, with regulations. Concerns over Advisory Boards formed by members abroad. Invitations from various University Engineering societies. Conditions for opening Local Section in Calcutta.

15 Jan-17 Dec 1909. Recommendations on applications from members abroad and candidates involved in teaching. Printed report for first General Meeting in Calcutta, with regulations. Conditions for award of Water Arbitration Prize. Request from Graduates for various concessions. Calcutta Section, Proceedings. Regulations for Graduate's Prize papers. Building Committee appointed. Votes from members abroad.

21 Jan-16 Dec 1910. Salary increases. Report from New-Building Committee. Address to King George V on his accession. Cash abstract from Calcutta section. Co-operation with Americans on publications. Report from Applications Committee.


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