Council Minutes 1898-1904

Meetings held at the Institution's House, Storey's Gate, London. Routine discussions include: financial accounts; elections, resignations and decease of members; engineering papers discussed; and publications received, purchased or exchanged.

Items of note include (by meeting date):      

26 Oct-20 Dec 1898. Furniture and fittings for new premises. Possible loan of hall in new building to other institutions. Report drawn up with the Association of Technical Institutions [see IME/1/8]. Membership committee to be appointed. Steam Engine Research Committee erect machine at King's College, London. 9 Feb 1899. Copy of request to Prince of Wales to perform opening ceremony at new premises, declined. Copy of letter from James Beale (solicitor) on acquiring charter for the right to use the Institution's initials. Applications for use of new hall from other institutions. Report from Committee on Proposal Forms. 

23 Mar-8 Dec 1889. Possibility of admitting woman member, Miss Julia Armison McIntyre, refused (5).  Letter from President to Technical Institution's Association on proposal to extend membership to students working in laboratories. Nominations to Committee of National Physical Laboratory. Report from Marine Engineers on improved examinations. Report from General Purposes Committee on examining ballot papers and changes to other regular meetings and events. Report from Finance Committee on re-arrangement of accounts. Resolution to be sent to University of London on possible liaison with their Engineering department. Proposed recruitment of members from the Navy. Objections to holding annual meeting in Paris in 1900 during exhibition.

26 Jan-14 Dec 1900. Jurors appointed for Paris exhibition. AGM to coincide with visit of America n engineers, Reception Committee appointed. Suggested engineering assistance from members to war effort in South Africa, declined (43, 49). Resignation of William White as President (51). Delegates to attend reception of Societe des Ingenieurs Civils in Paris. Reactions of technical institutions to Bill on Literary Copyright. Request from Verein Deutscher Ingenieure for assistance with multi-lingual technical dictionary. Invitation to assist with International Engineering Congress in Glasgow.

18 Jan-20 Dec 1901. Copy of letter to King Edward VII on his accession to the throne (84). Redemption of railway stock in London and North Western. Request for representative to Research Committee on Iron and Steel based at Institution for Civil Engineers, request for grant towards costs. Report of Standing Orders Committee, proposed amendments to standing orders given in full. General Purposes Committee recommendations on gifts, loans and purchases. Requests from various Research Committees for grants. Dewey decimal system proposed for library.

17 Jan-19 Dec 1902. Permission for Calcutta members to meet. Proposal to increase Council Members from 15 to 21. Transfers of Alloys Research Committee to National Physical Laboratory, possible grant. Letter from Engineering Standards Committee wishing to involve several technical associations in standardization.

16 Jan-18 Dec 1903. Recommendations on Proceedings index undertaken by Secretary. Proposed co-operation of engineering societies on training standards. Proposed joint spring meeting with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

15 Jan-18 Dec 1904. Committee created to oversee letting the top floor. Security for Institution seal. Regulations on classing books. Proposed contribution to Liege exhibition of 1905.

20 Jan-15 Dec 1905. Liege exhibition correspondence, Liege visit. Engineering Standards Committee proposed transfer of control to Institution of Civil Engineers. Changes on procedure for membership proposal forms. William White agrees to become Patron of proposed exhibition of Engineering and Machinery.


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