Council Minutes 1891-1897

Meetings held at Institution headquarters at 19 Victoria Street, London or in the regions. Routine matters discussed include: financial accounts; nominations, resignations and decease of members; lists of papers; and publications received or exchanged. 

Items of note include (by meeting date):       

29 Jan-16 Dec 1891. Further discussion of proposed amendment to bye-laws. Loan of machine to University College, London. Prince of Wales to attend anniversary dinner. Review of interchanges and presentations to other institutions.  Updating of library catalogue. Letter from Chairman of General Committee of the Engineering Societies of the United States and Canada on proposed Columbian Exhibition. Suggested membership links and use of buildings of Yorkshire College Engineering Society, written request made in absentia by Joseph Hartley Wicksteed and discussed by Council.

4 Feb-20 Dec 1892. Investment in railways: North Eastern Railway; Great Western Railway; Great Eastern Railway; and Taff Vale Railway. Review of membership grades proposed. Letters from various American societies requesting representation from the Institution and offering hospitality. Request from Chamber of Commerce for arbitrator in engineering. Proposed compilation of technical index on engineering, detailed suggestions and possible collaboration with other bodies. Recommendations from Membership Committee, including creation of Associate members. Adoption of designation IMechE. Invitation to Engineering Congress in Chicago.

2 Feb-22 Mar 1893. Proposed Special Meeting to inform members of changes to membership rules. Selection of auditor.

1 Feb-18 Dec 1894. Copy of report from Sub-Committee recommending apparatus for experiments on condensation of steam. Proposals to make Council's of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers joint trustees of Willan's Memorial Fund. Douglas Galton to represent Institution at International Congress of Hygiene and Demography. Question of desirable length of office for Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Council members, following re-election of Alexander Kennedy. Observations on qualifications of Marine Engineers.

31 Jan-17 Dec 1895. Investment in Great Western Railway.  Work of Alloys Research Committee. Legality of incomplete ballot papers, letter from James Beale, solicitor and further discussion on voting practices. New home to be purchased for Institution, House Committee reports and legal moves; building plans and finance. Council changes, rules and voting practices. Further consideration of steam-engine experiments of Bryan Donkin. Advice sought for development of iron resources in Madras.

30 Jan-29 Apr 1896. Communication from Research Committee on the Value of the Steam Jacket. Grant to Steam-Engine Research Committee.

4 Feb-24 Dec 1897.  Proposal to raise money from members to assist building work, copy of proposed debenture presented by Finance Committee. Proposal from Royal Society for scientific societies to celebrate 60 years reign of the monarch eblishment of ' Victoria Fund ' for this purpose. Plumbing tenders for new premises. Copy of letter from solicitor on payment of Window Tax, with Council's decision and discussion.  Proposal to invite other technical societies to Jubilee celebrations in Birmingham. Copy of letter from Alfred Bache offering to resign as Secretary (due to ill-health) if Council wish it, resignation accepted with possible allocation of payment to Bache. Testimonial of silver salver to James Forrest (retiring Secretary of the Institution of Civil Engineers). Address of congratulation to Queen Victoria. Copy of advertisement for new Secretary, selection discussions. House Committee accounts and reluctance to publish plans of new headquarters. Nomination for new President and further Council nominations. President to serve on Royal Commission for Paris Exhibition. Request for two members to give evidence on the desirability of establishing a National Physical Laboratory.


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