CA Parsons Notebook

Parallel flow notebook, with notes, calculations, tests and sketches by Charles Algernon Parsons on experimental parallel-flow, or axial-flow steam turbines and related material.


  • expansion ratios for parallel-flow turbines;
  • experimental blade calculations;
  • unit non-condensing turbine;
  • 60/150 unit condensing turbines;
  • 75 unit non-condensing turbine;
  • 350 unit non-condensing turbine, Metropolitan Electric Supply Company;
  • 2000 hp condensing turbine;
  • 410 unit condensing turbine;
  • 500 unit turbine, City of London;
  • 500 kW tandem compound turbine; tests on No.7 turbo-generator;
  • tests on 200 kW turbine fitted with new cylinder, Charing Cross;
  • tests on 2x60 kW condensing turbines, Guinness;
  • 75 kW non-condensing turbines. 30r. 150 kW double cylinder turbine;
  • blade theory in relation to marine turbine engines;
  • geared cylinders;
  • jumbo experiments; and
  • general blade theory.

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