Civil engineering

Measured elevations: roofs, buildings, bridges, furnaces and gas meters, 1836-1843

Notebook on civil engineering, drawings of ovens, blast furnances, tin smelting houses, puddling furnaces, roofs, bridges, iron melting furnace and stoves. Covers various locations including, Iron Bridge, Birmingham Canal, Tipton Foundry, blast furnace at Victoria Iron Works (Wales), Corbyn's Hall, Parkgate Iron Works, Soho Foundry and Soho Mint. Also elevations and notes on the invention of the gas meter in Nov 1816, notes on the supply of coal gas and gasometer drawings by J.P.Horton Jul 1836. Inscribed by Philip Henry Johnson.

  • Fitting shop, Soho Foundry
    Iron roof for pudding furnaces at Parkgate Iron Works, near Rotherham, Jun 1842
    Bridge over the Birmingham Canal at Icknield Street
    Plan, section and elevation of a tin smelting house, Cornwall
    Puddling and mill furnaces, Brunswick & Victoria Works, Wednesbury
    Iron melting furnace, Soho Foundry
    Blast furnaces at: Elsecar, Yorkshire; Victoria Iron Works, Ebbw Vale Vale, Monmouthshire; E.J.& M.Addenbrooke, Moorcroft near Bilston; Corbyn's Hall near Dudley; and Tipton Foundry
    Stoves for annealing blank coins, Soho Mint
    Ovens and blast furnaces at Tipton and Parkgate Iron Works
    Notes on the supply of coal gas and gasometer drawings from J.P.Horton's, Hilltop, West Bromwich


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