Triplane: France

Built by Voisin Brothers and backed by William Thomas Stead it was taken by road from Billancourt to Mourmelon, Camp de Châlons but the test flight occurred at Mourmelon's. There is some debate, if this craft was then bought to England and was the plane de Bolotoff worked on at Brooklands, or if this aeroplane was a second Groupy type triplan. Either way this plane was abondoned c1913-1914, due to damage sustained in trials. In 1913, de Bolotoff went into partnership with Robert Mond of Combe Bank, near Sevenoaks. Developments, spurred on by the First World War, meant that by 1918 something more modern was required, the result of this was de Bolotoff's two seat general utility biplane, the de Bolotoff SDEB 14.

The plane was large, with a span of 11m, height of 4.15m and length of 12m, it was fitted with a Panhard-Levassor motor weighting 500 kilos (total weight with fuel and pilot approx 1200k), with an anticipated speed of 50mph. The plane was built in response to a Daily Mail competition, challenging a pilot to be the first to cross the English Channel; de Bolotoff's bid was not successful.


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