Thornycroft buses

Images of buses produced by John I Thornycroft & Co, at their Basingstoke Works, including examples of pre and post-war vehicles

Some are captioned or with identifiable livery: Leopoldina Railway; C Ross 'Emerald'; Hall Lewis for Santos; Brazil; C Ross 'Enterprise'; Ransomes London North Eastern Railway (LNER), Aberdeen; 'Swallow'; Hall Lewis Station Bus; Hall Lewis 'Enchantress'; China Bus Company; Rio Tinto Challands Ross; Hall Lewis Cardiff conference private motor bus; Venture Ltd A2 long; Hall Lewis 'Taurus'; Forge Valley Motor Service ; Isle of Man Road Services 'Emerald', Wadham; Nottingham, Radcliffe and Bingham C Ross 'Elysian', Dutton's; 'Elysian' Northern Counties; Egyptian Motor Services single descker 28 seater; LNER 20 seater on A2 long; Stonehaven Bus Service; Woking and District 29 seater 'Thanet'; B Beeston and Sons Ross 'Enterprise'; private bus, Joseph Foster & Son, Otterburn; 'Eagle'; 'Beadle' 16 seater on A2 long' 'Irene'; Hall Lewis AW coach on LB, Jones, Gloucester; A6 Wadham; A Harpen Lightening (or Lighting) coach; Bristol Co-operative Society, 25 seater on UB chassis; Ramsgate - Westwood - Margate, 48 seater Hall Lewis; Statnor bus Hall Lewis; Nottingham, Radcliffe & Birmingham; 'Times' advertising bus; Rio Tinto A6 Challands Ross; 'Tempest'; and Manx Motors.

Also, Thornycroft demonstration buses, XC, 'Cygnet', Metropolitan Cammell, 'Thanet', 'Taurus' and A2 'Elysian' Northern Counties. Buses fitted with 'easiway' roof, sun roofs and 'non-chafe' seating as shown too.


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