George Henry Roesch

An automotive engineer's notebook with notes on: systems, components and characteristics of new and ideal cars; technical data on gears, brake horse power and performance of various automobiles with related information, 1914-1919; data on Peugeot racing cars and modifications to Peugeot designs; and assorted notes, including on Sunbeam and Rolls-Royce vehicles, with useful addresses.

Roesch became chief engineer at Talbot in 1925, having worked previously for the Sunbeam-Talbot- Darracq racing co-operative. His first project was the development of the Talbot 10/23; that vehicle's Weymann fabric saloon body is noted here (p32). After the First World War, STD racing cars utilised the design of pre-War Peugeot automobiles, hence Roesch's interest expressed in this volume.

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