Model Maudslay table engine

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Title Model Maudslay table engine
Creator Creator of model unknown
Date of Creation c. 1927
Description A compact, self-contained steam engine patented by Henry Maudslay in 1807. Being self-contained table engines removed the requirement for an engine to be custom designed and custom built on site, instead allowing for an engine to be ordered from stock. These engines had a smaller footprint than custom designed engines and the ability to stand on a table engine making the engine independent of the structure in which it was standing. These engines were used throughout the first half of the 19th Century in low speed, low power applications. They were made in a range of sizes and had a range of outputs between 1.5hp and 40hp. This model is electrically driven and was acquired by the Institution in 1927.
Archive Reference IME/13/7/17
Media Various; contained in a glazed wooden case
Dimensions 375 x 370 x 445mm