Baygen Freeplay wind-up radio

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Title Baygen Freeplay wind-up radio
Creator Baygen
Date of Creation 1996
Description Invented in 1991 by British inventor Trevor Baylis (1937-2018) the BayGen Freeplay is a wind-up radio designed to be able to be used without a reliance on batteries or an electricity supply. The original design was based on a wind-up clockwork spring which would drive an internal generator. Designed to be sustainable the radio was durable and easy to repair. Baylis spoke at the IMechE’s 150th anniversary symposium in July 1997 and donated the radio after the occasion. Our radio is signed by Trevor Baylis.
Archive Reference IME/13/7/47
Media Various; plastic casing.
Dimensions 410 x 240 x 135mm