Gellerat steam road roller

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Dates 1995
Title Gellerat-Rouleau compresseur a vapeur 1881 23 tonnes model
Full Description Model by Cherry Hill based on French patent (Bievet) No. 143562, 1881.

Original locomotive designed by Eugene Gellerat and built by Gellerat and Company, Boulevard Saint Martin, Paris. Nameplate 'Jacques IV'.

A paper describing an earlier design of engine, 'Description of the steam road roller used in Paris', by E Gellerat, in Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, vol 20, 1869, p.101-118 and plates 12 -16.

The model is presented in its original blue livery. With two plaques, one describing the model, the other 'CH 1995'.

Scale: 1/16th and 3/4 inches to 1 foot.
Archive Reference MUS/90